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We at Concord strive to provide an individualized program incorporating riding goals, and equine skill development or rider fitness depending on rider/horse need. We can work with our riders who's goal is to address their fitness and limitations through physical training or advance in their riding levels focusing on the foundation of Dressage. Our horses (both dressage and jumpers) cross train for both physical and mental training and we also work them on the ground if needed to create willing and trusting partners.  It all depnds on the client aand what their needs are. We also train horeses to prepare them for the sale process. Check out our services below and book a facility tour!


Board Package

**Our Board package starts at $1295-$1495/Month and it includes our fully customized board plus 1-2 weekly sessions (your choice of lessons, rider fitness, or training rides).  Discounted equine wellness session is also included with our BEMER and/or Soundwaave/Percussion. Free access to our Gym (not mandatory).We understand that every horse/client has different needs, reach out and we can accommodate accordingly.

FULL BOARD includes our spacious stalls, Hay (fed up to 5x daily), Grain fed 2x daily, owner-provided supplements (or we can order for you),  grass/sand paddocks available for long turnouts, Blanketing/Boots/fly spray (owner provided), use of our amenities ( kitchen, heated tack room, cabinets, and cubbies...), video camera (for safety, security and late night horse checks). We also have a vet and farrier that attends to our barn. Please inquire for details.

** Prices are subject to HST


Lessons / Clinics

TBD: Outside Clinics

Farm visit: Call us.

Aside from our boarders and leasers, we also offer trailer-in lessons for outside clients. We can also travel to your barn to host clinics with enough participants. We are fully insured. Sessions are 45-60 mins.. Ask for details or book a lesson.

Waiver forms must be signed for trailer-in and clinic clients and we require horses being brought in tothe facility  be fully vaccinated. 

** Prices are subject to HST


We will be offering horses available for sale ranging from young well bred to imported warmbloods, talented dressage/jumping ponies/horses or ones with potential to excel in the sport. We try to focus  on dressage/jumping horses as good partners for the pro or adult amateur. 


We can also take clients to Europe or the US if they want to be more involved in the selection. We work closely with our trusted partners including domestic or international breeders, trainers/riders, global shippers, veterinarians, and retreat holding facilities.


We can help make the horse shopping experience less overwhelming and more enjoyable. Let us know if you are looking for your next partner. 

** Prices may be subject to HST

Visit our available Sale horses as well as up coming trips to Europe!



We have a variety of horses for lease/ Part Board situations. Prices are dependent on the level of the horse and Lessons are mandatory (and priced in addition to the lease fee). Showing or outside clinic travel is a possibility. Please inquire for details. 


Some of our clients offer their horses for "Part-Board" situations with different pricing structures. Please inquire if you're looking for anything specific. All horses are in a program and follow a consistent work schedule. 

** Prices may be subject to HST


*Lease horses are subject to availability and rider skill level. Prices exclude lessons and are subject to change.

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